How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost In San Antonio

Insulation is an important factor to be considered while constructing a building. In the recent times spray foam insulation is fast becoming a popular choice amongst builders and residents. Keeping in mind important benefits that it gives which no other material or insulation technique can give as of now more and more people are getting their buildings enveloped by spray foam insulators. Spray foam insulators are a wise long term investment which reap much more benefits than other San Antonio insulators and also last for a longer duration.

Spray foam insulators are broadly of two kinds; open and closed. While both of them have more or less the same properties, closed spray foam insulator is moisture resistant and in turn acts as a mold and mildew preventer. The density of closed cell is much higher than open cell as the cell structure is more tightly packed. It is this property that makes it moisture resistant and advisable to be used in places with high moisture content in air.
While there are quite a few factors to be reflected upon before calculating the cost of spray foam insulation, the major factors to be considered are:

Type of insulation: While both the insulators are good, the cost of closed cell spray foam may be a little more than open cell spray foam insulator due to its high density. The high density of closed cell spray foam makes it stronger and heavier. Closed cell spray foam insulators can be used on the exteriors like rooftops as well. On the other hand open cell space foam insulation has better sound attenuation because it is material is softer than closed cell.

Area to be covered: The total area to be covered is mostly measured by per square feet. Usually the cost of spray foam insulation varies from $0.35-$1.75. The cost is calculated by per square feet. Each square feet means 1 ft. length * 1 ft. width * 1 inch thickness. Hence the cost for the entire area would be area (sq. ft.) * cost per sq. ft. (1sq ft. * cost per sq. ft.).

For example:

– cost per sq. ft. is $0.75
Area to be covered is 50 sq. ft.

Hence total cost would be = Area to be covered * Cost per sq. ft.
= 50 * 0.75
= $37.5


atticQuality of Spray Foam: While choosing a spray foam in San Antonio  there will be different varieties available.  Depending on the quality of the spray foam that the vendor will offer and also on the budget available the cost may vary.

Labor Charges: Often it is seen that the other methods of insulating a building can be done by an individual on his own. However, spray foam insulation is best done by trained and certified professionals as they know the correct technique of insulating and also give it a neat finishing. The professionals have the proper professional equipment to insulate the building. Hence it is advised to reach out for professional for insulating the building.